Dr Judith Wang

I have had an over 20-year career in transport planning and modelling, with substantial experience not only in academia but also in the transport industry in Hong Kong and New Zealand.

My research interest has always been in transport modelling and most importantly its application to support informed policy decisions. In my current role at Leeds, I have been focussing on applying multi-objective optimisation models to tackle an important fundamental concept: Resilience in transportation. 

My ultimate goal is to develop decision analysis tools that can be applied to enhance comprehensive resilience in transportation by supporting informed transport policy decisions as well as wiser choices of individuals on where to live, where to work and how to travel.

Being the Programme Manager of this course allows me to share with you my knowledge, experience and passion in transport planning and engineering.

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To find out more about my research activities, the students I am supervising and some of my recent publications, visit my staff page.

If you have any specific questions about the content of the programme, please contact me via e-mail: J.Y.T.Wang@leeds.ac.uk.

For any questions relating to the admissions process and/or your current application please contact our admissions team: ugcivil@leeds.ac.uk.