Dr Apollo Tutesigensi

The Civil Engineering with Project Management MEng, BEng programme is primarily a civil engineering programme. It is designed, however, to cover project management as one of the core subjects. I am privileged to lead this unique programme that introduces student civil engineers to all the ten knowledge areas espoused by the Project Management Institute in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK) and produces graduate civil engineers with knowledge and ability to apply many tools and techniques of project management. Our graduate civil engineers' knowledge and competences facilitate access to graduate opportunities for accelerated management careers in the construction industry with leading national and international contracting, design and infrastructure asset management organisations.

My work as an academic is informed by my background as a civil engineer. Having graduated with a first class degree in Civil Engineering from Makerere University, I went on to work in road design and documentation. In addition to being a member of the design teams for a number of road schemes in central Uganda, I was part of a small team that prepared and produced a national road maintenance manual for Uganda. I also had a stint managing construction projects at different phases in Uganda.

I studied for an MSc(Eng) and a PhD in the School of Civil Engineering, University of Leeds, before starting my career as an academic in the UK. Over the years, I have delivered a variety of modules ranging from 'construction technology' to 'project management tools and techniques' at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. I have led a number of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at two Universities and have been External Examiner at three different Universities in the UK. This wide experience has enabled me to lead colleagues in the design and delivery of a programme that meets national and international standards.

Research is a key aspect of what we do and promote in the Civil Engineering with Project Management Programme within the context of 'research-led' teaching. We augment coverage of PMBoK with research projects in which student civil engineers explore research questions in specific areas of the student's particular interest and undertake research activities to contribute to the body of knowledge in these areas. Thus, we develop graduate civil engineers who can effectively apply existing knowledge and are competent creators of new knowledge.

One of my research interests is carbon emissions from construction industry. In 2008, I co-authored a paper entitled 'A framework for appraising construction projects using carbon footprint'. The paper was described by colleagues as 'ground-breaking' and subsequently received Honourable Mention in the Parsons Brinkerhoff 2009 Professional Publication of the Year Awards. Some of the ideas in the paper are similar to what was eventually implemented in the Institution of Civil Engineers CESMM3 Carbon and Price Book 2011 published in 2010 as the pioneering database dealing with quantification of carbon dioxide emissions from construction activities.

A significant part of my recent research at The University of Leeds has been about reducing carbon dioxide emissions from construction industry activities. I have been working with one of my PhD researchers to address procedural and policy issues in the consideration of embodied carbon/energy in building projects. Over the next few years, I will be working on the idea of zero energy construction sites.

I work with a variety of leading experts drawn from across the world to deliver the Civil Engineering with Project Management Programme. We are privileged to work with Home, European and International students who bring unique knowledge and experiences but eventually become graduate civil engineers with knowledge, skills and competences to solve infrastructure problems of the 21st century anywhere in the world. I look forward to welcoming the next cohort of student civil engineers on this wonderful journey! 

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