Corrosion mechanism of austenitic stainless steels and Ni-based alloys in molten salts under thermal cycling condition for CSP plants

Nowadays, solar energy, as a kind of renewable sources of energy, is showing the great potential to satisfy the world energy demand. The electricity generation from solar irradiation is achieved by Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants. It works at very high temperature, and molten salts are becoming the main heat transfer fluids to transport energy and main heat storage medium to store energy. This poses a significant threat to all the metallic components used in CSP plants that interact with these molten salt at extremely high temperatures. This project focuses on Material selection in molten salt corrosion in Concentrated Solar Power plants.

Publications and outputs

Liu Q, Barker R, Wang C, Qian J, Neville A, Pessu F. 2022. The corrosion behaviour of stainless steels and Ni-based alloys in nitrate salts under thermal cycling conditions in concentrated solar power plants. Solar Energy. 232, pp. 169-185

Liu Q, Qian J, Barker R, Wang C, Neville A, Pessu F. 2021. Application of Double Loop Electrochemical Potentio-kinetic Reactivation for characterizing the intergranular corrosion susceptibility of stainless steels and Ni-based alloys in solar nitrate salts used in CSP systems. Engineering Failure Analysis.


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