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The inside of a spacecraft with a window and control panel.

A team of scientists investigating the stratosphere have found particles containing a variety of metals from satellites and spent rocket boosters, vaporised by the intense heat of re-entry.

A portrait of Lisa Dionne Morris

A trailblazing academic, who is one of only 61 Black Women Professors in the UK, has launched a global network aimed at supporting and upskilling other Black female academics.

A blue microscopic nematode worm against a black background

The University of Leeds has collaborated with a leading American institution on research that helps to crack the code that relates brain and behaviour.

Man wearing protective headwear on a building site surrounded by gravel

The Innovation Launchpad Network+ (ILN) has issued an open invite for academics to attend a free launch event to explore its latest developments and aims.

EMP hub

The Electromagnetic Environment (EME) Hub will focus on the coordination of wireless activities in different assets deployed for multi-domain missions on Earth and in space.