Dr Andrew Shires

My research interest is in aerodynamic design. Having worked in the Aerospace industry for 19 years as an Aerodynamics Team Leader at QinetiQ, I supported a wide range of projects from the development of high speed civil aircraft wings, including the Airbus A380 and A350-XWB aircraft, to the relatively low speed Zephyr solar powered aircraft which still holds the official endurance record for an unmanned aerial vehicle. As well as aircraft I have supported the design of F1 and Le Mans Endurance Series racing cars and of several wind turbines. This research combined the use of numerical analysis and design optimisation software and wind tunnel test.

The design of modern aircraft and their propulsion systems requires a complex multi-disciplinary approach, combining aero- and thermo-dynamic performance, lightweight structures using advanced materials and manufacturing techniques and advanced systems and control engineering. The drive towards aircraft that produce less harmful emissions (in terms of pollutants and noise) whilst reducing acquisition and operational costs and providing passengers with more comfort, creates many technical challenges. Our MSc programme in Aerospace Engineering provides a comprehensive overview of these disciplines using up-to-date methods and techniques to meet these challenges. It combines strong academic teaching standards with a practical emphasis on projects and the use of industry relevant tools, closely supported by our Aeronautical and Aerospace Industrial Advisory Board.

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