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Human resources

The University of Leeds has an Excellence in Student Education career progression pathway. This is very useful for staff on teaching-only contracts or research staff with a strong commitment to student education. Information can be found on the University's HR web pages.

Several TALENT members have been promoted through this pathway. If you are thinking of pursuing this pathway, we are always happy to meet and discuss our thoughts and experiences of the process. Please feel free to contact us, e: TALENT@leeds.ac.uk.

Professional development

Professional development opportunities in relation to your academic practice are available to University of Leeds staff through Organisational Development and Professional Learning (ODPL).

In particular, if you are interested in pursuing a HEA/AdvanceHE Fellowship (at Associate, Fellow or Senior Fellow level), OD&PL run two schemes:

PGCAP is a credit-bearing course aimed at staff who are newer to teaching in Higher Education while PRiSE is a written-submission and is suitable for staff with more experience. ODPL offer mentoring through both schemes. Some TALENT members act as mentors on these schemes and would be happy to meet to try and answer any questions, although since mentors are assigned through ODPL, they would be unable to formally act as mentors. Please feel free to contact us, e: TALENT@leeds.ac.uk.


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