Admissions to courses in the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences

(For academic year 2025/26 only)

This admissions guidance applies to undergraduate courses offered by the following Schools:

  • Chemical and Process Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computing 
  • Electronic and Electrical Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Physics and Astronomy

Applications should arrive at UCAS by 18:00 (UK time) on 29 January 2025. This is our 'equal consideration' deadline, which means we must consider all applications received by this time equally. 

If you are a current University of Leeds student looking to transfer, there is no guarantee you will be considered if you do not contact your School before the deadline.

Personal statements and references

The personal statement of the application form helps us to assess the nature of your interest in the academic subject and is an important part of the selection process. It is essential that you take this opportunity to demonstrate your enthusiasm and aptitude for the academic subject.

We wish to hear about:

  • Why you are interested in the field
  • Any relevant work or other experience
  • Details of any particular skills, interests or attributes you have that will demonstrate your aptitude, motivation and interested in the subject area
  • Your career aspirations

Where applications show similar academic achievements and predicted grades, we may use the personal statement and reference in order to differentiate between applicants. 


Interviews do not form part of our standard admissions process; however, in some cases, an applicant may be invited for an interview if it will help inform whether an offer should be made.  

Also not standard process, candidates may sometimes be asked to sit a Mathematics/Mechanics and/or Physics test in order to assess their current competence. The combination of performance in the test and/or interview will be used alongside the information on the UCAS form when we consider whether to make an offer.

If applicable, applicants will receive an interview invitation and will be informed in advance if they will be required to sit a test. If invited applicants do not attend, their application will not be considered any further and will be rejected. 

Interview methods may vary depending on the circumstances and/or geographical location of the applicant; for example, interviews may take place on a one-to-one basis or via video conferencing or telephone. Where possible, we will accommodate requests for alternative interview dates. However, an alternative cannot be guaranteed. 

Qualifications taken early

We recognise that some applicants may have studied a more flexible curriculum, where you have been able to progress through your educational development at an appropriate rate according to your ability. Where a Level 2 (for example, GCSE) or Level 3 (for example, A Level) qualification has been taken ‘early’ the academic reference should include the reasons for this so that it can be taken into consideration by the admissions team. 


We will consider applications from those who are re-taking examinations prior to entering the University. 

Deferral requests 

We will consider applications for deferred entry and encourage you to make use of your personal statement to explain your reasons for requesting deferral. 

Applicants who wish to defer following the submission of their application may be required to do so prior to the confirmation of a place.

Advanced entry

We will consider applications from those who are seeking entry to the second year. All applications must be made through UCAS in line with the application deadline.

To be eligible, you must demonstrate that you meet the following criteria: 

  • Meet first year requirements, as detailed on Course Search
  • Have met the learning outcomes of year 1 of the relevant programme 
  • Have achieved a minimum % average in the first year of study 

Any decision on the eligibility of applications for advanced entry is an academic judgement. Due to the limited nature of places, we may take into account a wide variety of factors, which include, but are not limited to, actual academic performance to date, personal statement and references, in order to differentiate between applicants. 

Entry on to Level 3 in the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences is not generally permitted.  

Internal transfers 

We will consider applications from those who wish to transfer internally from other programmes at the University of Leeds, providing places are available. Applicants are required to make a formal request via email to the relevant admissions team, using the contact details listed on the course page.

The request should include the following information:  

  • Current programme of study 
  • Grades obtained on current programme of study 
  • Other qualifications held, for example A Levels and GCSEs 
  • Reason for request to transfer 
  • Interest in and knowledge of the subject area and degree programme 

Transfer applicants may be interviewed and, depending on the time of year, may be required to complete their current year to a specified level. Other assessment methods may be implemented for specific courses as outlined on Course Search. Successful applicants will be given an offer that clearly sets out any conditions.

Students wishing to be considered for second year entry should consult the section above for more information on advanced entry.

Decisions and communications with applicants

Unsuccessful applicants who wish to request feedback on the reason for the outcome of their application should do so in line with the Feedback section of the University of Leeds Taught Admissions Policy, using the relevant email address contact in the Useful contacts and resources section below. Generally, where applicants request feedback on why they have not been admitted, feedback will be given.

Further information

If you have any questions, please contact the relevant school:

School of Chemical and Process Engineering -

School of Chemistry –

School of Civil Engineering -

School of Computing –

School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering -

School of Mathematics -

School of Mechanical Engineering –

School of Physics and Astronomy -

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