Nursyaza Izazi

Nursyaza Izazi

Why did you decide to study Architecture at the University of Leeds?

The Architecture course gives me different opportunities for the fields I want to pursue after I graduate. It combines the two most important aspects in construction; structures and architecture. I'm able to learn about construction in a deeper level and from different views.

Nursyaza visited Naples as part of her third year design studio module on the MEng Architecture course. Nursyaza and her group were tasked with developing the design of a new residential building in the city, in substitution of an existing one,

Tell us about your European Design Project visit to Naples?

When we arrived we visited some a number of churches of different Architectural styles and castles looking over the whole city. We then went to the School of Architecture for a two day workshop with a few professors from the university. They shared their views on the site we're working on in the Spanish Quarters and we visited the site afterwards. The next day we took a short trip to Pompeii to learn its histroy and learn more on the Roman and Greek architecture.

During the workshop, we listened to lectures on the different design approaches of Largo Barracche, including the work done by the architecture students there. We also had a tutorial session with the professors and started brainstorming ideas on what our design approach would be like.

Now we are back in Leeds we are completing a 1:100 model of Largo Barracche which will be used later for our design models. We are then going to develop our project further.

What skills did you develop during your trip?

The most important skill I developed would be learning to accept. I feel that having an open mind helps alot in the architectural world. Listening to the Italian Professors giving their thoughts taught me that different people have different ideas, and the way they present them differs from one another. It's good to learn to accept various views.

What other experiences at Leeds do you think will help you in your future career?

Leeds has a diverse community of students from all around the world. I have personally gained better communication skills and confidence whilst at Leeds, which I feel will help me alot in the future. The University of Leeds also provides a large range of opportunities outside of your studies, from social events to yearly projects, providing an all-round skills exposure. 

What are your ambitions for the future?

I wish to pursue work in the field of construction, but leaning more into Architecture. I find that the connection between the two fields are strong, and in a project this will produce amazing results. I plan to make the construction industry back in my home country more advanced, producing a better urban city.