Dr He Wang

One key aspect of computer graphics is animation, which involves modelling the motions of objects (rigid bodies, humans, meshes, fluids, etc.). This is the core research and teaching I have been conducting in Computer Graphics, Human Motions, Crowd Dynamics and 3D environments. The foundation of motions enables the students to understand and implement complex physically-based animations (fluid dynamics, rigid/deformable objects) and character animations (character and crowd). Further, the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, combined with traditional computer graphics techniques, sheds light on many challenging graphics problems and spawns a new-generation of cutting-edge methods, which shape the future of computer graphics.

I am the Director of High-Performance Graphics and Game Engineering and Academic Lead of Centre for Immersive Technology. My current research interest is mainly in computer graphics, vision and machine learning and related applications. Previously I was a Senior Research Associate at Disney Research Los Angeles. I received my PhD and did a post-doc afterwards both in the School of Informatics, the University of Edinburgh. Before my PhD, I worked in industry for 4 years as a software engineer and architect.