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Mark Muinde

Mark Muinde is a fourth year student, currently studying Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence MEng, BSc at the School of Computing.

Mark chose the University of Leeds due to its reputation. Leeds “is a Russell Group university and has constantly remained in the top 100 universities globally. If you want to be the best in your career path, you have to learn from the best.”

Choosing Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence

Mark has a keen interest in data science, data analysis, artificial intelligence, and distributed systems.

I hope to bring skills in these fields that I’ve learnt from the university back home and use them productively.

Mark Muinde

The thrill of problem-solving is also inspiring to Mark. “The rush of solving data-led problems is exhilarating. There’s nothing quite like discovering something new/big/revolutionary in data science and data analysis."

Other exciting aspects to Mark’s studies surround the new challenges and lessons that come with the course.

I’ve come to learn a lot more than I thought I would, and to appreciate the innovations of everyday technological amenities that I would have otherwise taken for granted.

Mark Muinde

Sustainable initiatives

During his third year, Mark undertook a discovery module with the Leeds University Business School. This involved making a business plan for a theoretical retailer attached to fuel stations.

This topic led me down a path to researching the sustainability goals that the UK, and by extension the world, is undertaking to reduce carbon emissions and fossil fuel consumption.

Mark Muinde

“I also discovered amazing innovations that other countries have undertaken to reduce their food shortages.”

Exciting projects

Mark worked on sitemap generation during his third year.

“At first this seemed as easy as simply building a sitemap generator, but it evolved to researching Internet of Things, Search Engines, Search Engine Result Pages, Search Engine Optimisation, and overall a deep insight into how the internet and search engines actually work.”

Living in Leeds

“Leeds has a nice work-life balance. The atmosphere is very academic, but there are nice break-from-reality opportunities like arcades, walks by the dock, football games at Elland Road, multiculturally diverse restaurants, movie theatres and street displays.”

Future career

Mark’s experiences at Leeds has seen him manage different projects and obligations alongside each other.

“Being the only Kenyan in my course didn’t make things easier. Nevertheless, I found a way to make it all work. I stumbled and fell along the way, but I picked myself back up and learnt from my mistakes.”

“At the end of the day, that’s what a career is all about: big/important things to do, almost never enough time, mistakes and learning from them, and somehow making it all work.”

He hopes to become a leading data analyst and systems auditor.

“I realise that this will no doubt be challenging, but if you survive the tough and rigorous academic standards that the University of Leeds expects you to meet, you can overcome anything.

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