Hasnat Abdul

Hasnat Abdul

Hasnat Abdul graduated from Leeds in 2020 after studying Computer Science MEng, BSc where he also completed an industrial placement year.

Why Leeds

“I first visited the University on a primary school trip and remember the city being vibrant and energetic. I attended an open day and found that the Computer Science Department provided interesting modules and the staff were very friendly, which encouraged me to apply.  

Accessing higher education at a top university like Leeds would not have been possible without the Access to Leeds scheme. The support the university provides for individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds, like myself, were unlike any other at the time.”

Experiences at Leeds

I felt like the university had a strong focus on student-led improvement and were always open to discussing new ideas.

Hasnat Abdul

“The program teaches you the fundamentals of computing and building your technical skills. However, my most enjoyable experience was my time being a school representative. I was involved in addressing concerns from students across my cohort and discussing them in meetings.

As well as this, I chaired student staff forums and assisted in improving student wellbeing. I felt like the university had a strong focus on student-led improvement and were always open to discussing new ideas. These skills have been significant in developing my confidence when working in a professional environment with clients and collaborating with teams across multiple organisations.”

After graduation

“Upon graduating, I was fortunate to have worked as a software developer in the delivery of the NHS Covid Pass solution. The delivery of the NHS Application was a true learning experience, collaborating with cross-functional teams to deliver a solution to keep the general public safe. This experience made me realise how integral technology is in improving the healthcare services for the public, leading me to work at Airelogic, a health tech specialist in Leeds. 

I am currently working as a Data Engineer where I am responsible for transforming various data sources and engineering data processes to gather valuable insights for professionals in the NHS and for the general public.”

Advice and tips

“The first year of the computer science course provides a great foundation for anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of computer science, regardless of their experience. You’re able to apply both the theoretical and practical elements throughout the course. By the time you get to your final year, you are able to explore areas of technology that interest you. 

You also have a final year project which allows you to apply the knowledge which has been taught in the last 3 years. Having a key interest in health tech, I decided to complete my project in machine learning and natural language processing to create a healthy recipe recommendation engine. Being able to independently explore the topics and learn the things that interested me really inspired me to work in the health industry.”

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