Poonam Parmar

Poonam Parmar

Why did you choose to study Information Technology at Leeds?

I love IT, everything about it. I am excited by the way Information technology is constantly changing in both industry as well as our lives, through technology, simulation modelling applications and artificial intelligence. 

When visiting the University of Leeds for the first time, I instantly fell in love with the architecture, the atmosphere and the course itself. I chose this degree programme due to the extensive range of learning opportunities and modules available and not to mention how friendly and enthusiastic the lecturers were when I met them during my interview stage. 

Tell us about your time studying abroad

I was given the opportunity to study at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) as part of an international summer exchange programme.

I wanted broaden my experience of a new culture, meet different people and experience a completely different way of living. I’m such a go-getter and adventure-driven person, so I felt that I couldn’t let this opportunity pass me by.  My choice to study abroad was primarily to see how education is carried out in another setting, but I was lucky enough to also travel around the local area and to other places such as; Macau, Taipei, China and Vietnam.

How do you think your time abroad helped you to develop as a person?

It gave me the opportunity to meet people from all parts of the world - being able to talk to a complete stranger about their experiences and what they were doing in life really did make my trip worthwhile. I was able to grow as a person and had a different outlook when I returned to the UK. I feel that I am now more independent and open-minded and I am sure that this experience will be something that will help me stand out from my fellow students with regards to future job prospects.

What are your ambitions for the future?

I am keen to network with like-minded people to further my understanding and interest of IT and business. In the future I see myself pursuing a career within an international business working in the front end of IT; eventually becoming the director of a company. I am currently on an industrial placement year at Mondel─ôz International, already working as an Information Systems Intern this should give me grounding and understanding for my future plans.

What would you say to students coming to study at Leeds?

Join clubs and societies, involve and surround yourself in not only Computing activities but things you enjoy too. I was president of the Computing Society ‘CompSoc’ but also joined other societies such as Netball, Film, the BCS, Robogyals and STEM outreach projects.