Ashley Oldershaw

Ashley Oldershaw

Why did you decide to study at the University of Leeds?

I liked Leeds because the course looked like a really good mix of what computer science is all about. I also really wanted to do some robotics, and the lab here has some really cool robots. Aside from the uni, Leeds is a great place.

What has been the best aspect of studying on your course and at the University and why?

I've really enjoyed the content. I liked that we had an individual project at the end of the first year where I got a lot of freedom as to what I could choose to do. I learned so much and I've got some really useful skills - I hadn't done much programming before I started but now I've worked on some great projects.

Tell us about some of the exciting projects you have completed so far?

For my first year programming project, I made a game called 'The Cave', which is basically about someone rescuing a baby from a cave full of demons. It's a bit like PAC-MAN but a little more sinister. As well as that I've been working in the robotics lab as an intern this summer. I worked with an awesome robot called TIAGo who was new to the lab. I managed to start from having TIAGo fresh out of the box to get it to move around the School of Computing on its own. Soon we should have him able to deliver packages to peoples' desks, and responding to speech commands, which will be fun. My supervisor and I started the new Leeds RoboCup team, and we're working on qualifying for the RoboCup for the 2019 competition in Sydney.

What does Leeds as a city have to offer students?

Loads! There's so many places to go and do whatever you like. I like some of the pubs in the city centre, and there are some great places for music and nights out. I think with my stomach so I've found some good places to eat as well. Leeds is geared up for students so there's lots of events that have students in mind. It makes Leeds a great place to live.

What are your ambitions for the future?

Honestly, I'm not sure! I've been applying for placement years in industry, and I'm hoping to do some work with AI. After I graduate I'm not sure what I'll be doing, but I hope it's interesting. I've been thinking about doing some postgraduate study, but it's a long way off yet.

What experiences at Leeds do you think will help you in your future career?

The Faculty of Engineering employability team are really helpful. The employability lectures are really useful and gave me the skills I needed to apply to my internship this summer and for placement year applications.

The course content is really useful and gave me a really good foundation in first year to get working on exciting projects and modules in second year. I really like my modules at the moment. It's all good experience for my future career, and everyone else on the course.

What would you say to students coming to do the same course?

If you're interested in something, go talk to someone about it. I was scared to go into the robotics lab for the whole of the first year. I thought nobody would want to talk to me in there, but now we've started the RoboCup team we've got people from years 1, 2 and 3 across computer science and other engineering subjects.