Katherine Howarth
Theoretical Physics

Katherine Howarth

Tell us about your course.

My Theoretical Physics course offered me the best of both worlds between Maths and Physics because it is very mathematical whilst allowing me to study all the same physics as any other straight physics student. Before I applied, I couldn't decide whether to take Maths or Physics and so I went to a taster lecture in both. I am currently in my 3rd year of Theoretical Physics and still enjoying it! 

Why did you chose to come to Leeds?

I chose Leeds University because it was one of the only universities that offered my course in the way I wanted to study it. And because of the feel of the University. It has the community feel of the campus and yet is still very close to the city.

How is your accommodation at the university?

My accommodation in my first yeat was a lot of fun! The halls weren’t the prettiest but it was my first choice and still would be if I had to choose again. I had a great time and made some really good friends that I still live with.

Have you done any placements?

Last summer I did a placement in a science engineering company working as an assistant software engineer. It was a great experience and I learnt a lot that I could use in my course and in my future career.