Professor Jiannis K Pachos

I’ve been always fascinated by how simple principles can help understand seemingly unrelated physical phenomena. Being able to predict the motion of galaxies or the behaviour of subatomic particles based on few principles — and lots of hard work—is in the core of theoretical physics.

My research covers a wide range of phenomena, including elementary particle physics, topological effects in quantum matter and quantum computation.  While these topics appear initially disconnected, I enjoy the surprises of employing tools and methods from one area to understand another.

I strongly believe that physics, even at challenging levels, should be accessible. This is reflected in the way the Theoretical Physics Program is composed and taught at the University of Leeds. I teach Advanced Quantum Mechanics, Maths 3 and Communicating Physics. Moreover, the Theoretical Physics final year projects are designed to be on timely research topics of wider interest to the physics community.