Professor Melvin Hoare

I have been fascinated by astronomy my whole life and it is that excitement about understanding the workings of the universe using basic physics that I try to bring to the Physics with Astrophysics degree programme at Leeds.

The course builds hand-in-hand with the physics, maths and computing that you learn alongside, but allows you to apply these ideas to the amazing objects out there such as new planets, exploding stars and super-massive black holes.

It is a pleasure to bring to bear the broad experience within the whole team at Leeds, which covers the range of theoretical, numerical and observational skills needed to teach you modern astrophysics. My own work uses state-of-the-art international telescopes to make observations of how stars and planets form and I have used telescopes all over the world during my career. As the person also in charge of the practical elements of the degree programme I promote the idea of finding things out for yourself and gaining some hands-on experience of optical and radio telescopes. 

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