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Map showing the findings of the studies

Two independent yet connected studies provide new insights into Archean terrestrial geochemistry, contributing to the search for the origins of life on Earth.

Two students at the Natural Sciences Student Conference.

Three final year MNatSc, BSc Natural Sciences students attended the Second National Natural Sciences Student Conference at Lancaster University on 27 and 28 March 2018. 

High altitude blue clouds by the pathfinder rover copyright nasa pathfinder

For more than two decades, rovers and orbiters have captured images of wispy clouds made of carbon dioxide ice.

13th Annual Enzymes in Drug Discovery Summit

Lewis Turner, PhD researcher in the School of Chemistry has been awarded first prize at the 13th Annual Enzymes in Drug Discovery Summit in San Diego.


The Astbury Conversation 2018 welcomes Nobel Prize winner Professor Brian Kobilka to speak about his work with GPCRs and drug design.