Dr Robert Purdy authors new book on particle physics

Dr Robert Purdy, School of Physics and Astronomy, has authored a new book on particle physics.

The publication is a comprehensive introduction to particle physics, aimed at third-year undergraduates. 

There are two versions of the publication, The Fundamentals of Particle Physics, published in the UK, and Particle Physics: An Introduction, published in the US.

It is written to complement the third-year module Dr Purdy, who is also part of the Theoretical Physics Research Group, leads: Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics. This particular module provides an in-depth introduction to theoretical particle physics. 

It is a basis for further study in particle physics, astrophysics, detector physics and other areas of science and technology, which require elementary knowledge of particle physics concepts.

About the publication

Particle Physics remains one of the most popular aspects of modern physics to study. It seeks to understand the Universe at its most fundamental level by examining the building blocks from which the Universe is ultimately constructed. Specifically, The Fundamentals of Particle Physics considers what symmetries exist in nature and how they are represented. As a result, many of its underlying principles can be applied to other areas of physics. Understanding Particle Physics is therefore essential for physics undergraduate students. 

This book provides a comprehensive overview of particle physics, with an emphasis on the underlying principles and mathematical structures. In particular, the role of symmetries in nature is explored, as well as how this leads to an understanding of the particle Universe. The book has three main aims. Firstly, to introduce the key concepts of particle physics. Secondly, to provide a solid understanding of the Standard Model of particle physics, as well as looking beyond to potential future developments in the field. Thirdly, to present the necessary tool-kit required for further exploration in particle physics, with each chapter accompanied by exercises to support understanding.

Further information

Dr Purdy’s book is available to purchase on Amazon