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A visualisation of a vampiric "Be star" drawing a beam of energy from another star in space

A ground-breaking new discovery could transform the way astronomers understand some of the biggest and most common stars in the universe. 

The Moon Palace bus observatory on a moon-like surface surrounded by people, with a child on top looking into the skies through binoculars

Dazzling artwork that doubles as a mobile observatory will soon arrive on the University campus, after a long journey that involved the hard work of students from the School of Physics and Astronomy.

Bragg building

The Sir William Henry Bragg Building has earned another prize, claiming one of the top honours at the 2023 Leeds Architecture Awards (LAA).

A group shot of the student interns from the Summer Internship Scheme Celebrations 2023, stood in the Sir William Henry Bragg Building foyer.

Congratulations to all the students who took part in the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences Summer Internship Scheme this year.

NASA satellite in space. Picture credit: NASA, Sonoma State University, Aurora Simonnet

A ravenous black hole in a galaxy close to ours is taking bites out of a star like the Sun every time it orbits, new research has revealed.