Engineering at Leeds achieves high scores for student satisfaction

The 2017 National Student Survey (NSS) shows the Faculty of Engineering has attained high results.

Civil Engineering achieved an impressive 98% for overall student satisfaction in the latest National Student Survey (NSS), ranking first out of the the Russell Group universities that were included.

Demonstrating fantastic results, the rest of the Faculty has also scored well. Mechanical Engineering scored 89%, ranking 2nd out of the Russell Group universities, and Computing also achieved a score of 84% for overall student satisfaction.

Electronic and Electrical Engineering achieved a fantastic 93% ranking 2nd out of the Russell Group universities, and Aviation Technology  attained 88%.

Reflecting these strong results, the University of Leeds scored 89% for overall satisfaction, which is the the highest score among the Russell Group institutions for which data is available.

However, there has been extensive changes to the survey, and a boycott of it among students at some universities. This may affect comparisons with results from previous years.

Further information

The National Student Survey gathers opinions from final year undergraduate students about their experience of their course and is completed by students at all publicly funded Higher Educations Institutions.

For more information, and to view the scores online, visit the NSS website.