Dr Mark Wilson

Dr Mark Wilson


Following my first degree in Maths and Physics, I completed a PhD that was based in Applied Maths but connected with Mechanical Engineering, focusing on modelling free-surface flows and industrial coating flows. From there I moved into Mechanical Engineering (as that's where the most interesting problems are!) and worked on a series of post-doctoral research projects on mixing, wetting and other aspects of fluid mechanics before taking up an RCUK Academic Fellowship. I have been an academic in the School of Mechanical Engineering since September 2010, and I am active in both teaching and research. From 2012 to 2015 I was also the Admissions Tutor for the School, and I still maintain an interest in admissions through chairing the Faculty Recruitment Group.


  • Chair of the Engineering Faculty Recruitment Group
  • Member of the Engineering Faculty Taught Student Education Committee

Research interests

My research interests are quite diverse, but could perhaps be grouped under the heading of 'computational mechanics' since my work is mainly focused on mathematical modelling and computer simulation in both fluid and solid systems. Some specific research areas include:

  • the interactions of liquids and liquid-fluid interfaces with simple and complex solid surfaces - i.e. wetting phenomena
  • droplet dynamics - inkjet printing and manufacturing, fuel filtration, evaporation and drying
  • the influence of fluid flow on mass transport, mixing, heat transfer and other phenomena such as chemical reactions
  • continuous and discrete coating processes, thin film flows and other industrial fluid flows
  • microfluidics and multiphase flows
  • tribology, particularly boundary lubrication modelling
  • vehicle ventilation
  • mechanics of the eye, specifically macular hole formation and closure
  • oilfield nanotechnology


  • BSc (Maths and Physics Joint Honours, 1st class)
  • PhD (Applied Maths), Leeds
  • CEng

Professional memberships

  • Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers
  • Member of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications
  • Member of EUROMECH (European Mechanics Society)

Student education

I am presently the module leader for Engineering Mathematics (MECH1520) and I also currently teach on Engineering Mechanics (MECH2610). I am also a personal tutor, with first- and second-year tutorial groups, and supervisor of undergraduate and postgraduate research projects.

Research groups and institutes

  • Institute of Functional Surfaces
  • Institute of Thermofluids

Current postgraduate researchers

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