Mike McDermott


Experienced postgraduate researcher in mechanical engineering with a background in mathematics and physics -- specialising in mathematical analysis, modelling and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). I obtained a class 1 integrated masters in theoretical physics from the University of Leeds, focusing on applied mathematics and fluid dynamics. I maintain a multidisciplinary approach in producing practical and efficient solutions to modern day industrial engineering problems, especially those in fluid flows and transport.

My PhD project involves developing robust turbulent viscoelastic models for drag reducing polymer flows, along with building computational codes within OpenFOAM C++ software (free open-source). I am lead author on 2 publications in high impact journals, with more under production for thesis submission. During my 2nd year, I initiated and organised an international collaboration with the University of Porto, the leading experts in the specified field. I worked for 3 months in Porto to build sophisticated models suitable for industrial flows that can be integrated into OpenFOAM. I am also currently working closely with engineers at the University of Calgary to predict drag reducing features of polymer additives applied in the oil and gas industry, particularly those enhanced with synthesised nano-composites. Recently, I joined the P&G simulation centre at Leeds as a research officer, focusing on model predictions for multiphase industrial flow processes, using high performance computing and dimensionless analysis. I also conducted a summer research project on on scale formation in oil and gas production within the School of Chemical Engineering.

Other positions of responsibility I have held include sub-warden in student halls; student ambassador for the School of Physics and Astronomy; demonstrating and teaching on undergraduate modules Solid Mechanics and Engineering Mathematics; president, team captain, treasurer and coach for the University cuesports team.

Research interests

Turbulent flow of Non-Newtonian fluids

Drag Reduction

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Industrial flow solutions

Mathematical Modelling



  • MPhys Theoretical Physics