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Poster advertising details of the Otley Science Cafe

The first Science Café of 2023 takes place at Otley Courthouse on Friday (17 March).

A close up of polygon shapes in the dried out salt lakes in Middle Basin, Death Valley, California.

The curious landscapes formed by dried out salt lakes are caused by the movement of fluids in the soil beneath the surface, according to new research published today.

Profile picture of Dr Bethany Marsh

The Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences recently invited Professor Bethany Marsh to recount her academic journey and discuss her experience as a transgender professor of Mathematics.

Artist's impression of a collision between the Moon and Earth

A peculiar property of the Earth’s magnetic field could help us to work out how our planet was created 4.5 billion years ago, according to a new scientific assessment.

A selection of healthy food, including chicken, fish and vegetables

A calculator which could reduce the level of carbon emissions generated by food production and consumption has been developed by data scientists at the University of Leeds.