Prof. Bethany Marsh featured on the Living Proof Podcast

The Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences recently invited Professor Bethany Marsh to recount her academic journey and discuss her experience as a transgender professor of Mathematics.

Professor Bethany Marsh, from the School of Mathematics, opened up about various milestones in her life on the Living Proof podcast, hosted by Dan Aspel and Christie Marr. 

In almost an hour-long conversation, Prof. Marsh shared her childhood love of maths and the sciences, how she ended up as a professor at the University of Leeds and how she proposed the “Cluster algebras and representation theory” (CAR) programme with Professor Karin Baur. She also talked about her Whitehead Prize win in 2009, an award for mathematicians in the early stages of their careers, and living up to expectations following that.

If it happens again, then great. We can only do the best we can as we’re going on.

Prof. Bethany Marsh on the Living Proof Podcast

She then emphasised the significance of supervising and mentoring early career researchers to uplift them. 

In the episode, she also shared her experience of transitioning two years ago and the positive outcomes that have accompanied this change as well as dealing with negative reactions. Authenticity is important to her and she believes in people being able to live their truths. To encourage that, she said language can make a huge difference in forming a positive and comfortable environment.

She expressed her gratitude for the university’s support during her transitioning process as the university appointed someone to help her negotiate the systems and inform people of her name change.

Listen to the full podcast episode on the INI website.

Further Information

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