Inaugural Lecture: Professor Leandro Soares Indrusiak, School of Computing

Join us for our next Inaugural Lecture on 24 April as we welcome Leandro Soares Indrusiak, Professor of Distributed Systems at the School of Computing.

An inaugural lecture is a significant milestone in any academic’s career, recognising their promotion to Professor. It also offers an opportunity for our new professorial colleagues to showcase their work and innovative research with a broad audience, including members of the public, family, friends, and colleagues. 

This lecture is the latest in a new series across the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, celebrating those who have joined the University to offer ever greater teaching, research, and expertise across our eight Schools. 

Watch Professor Indrusiak’s Lecture, “Not as Fast as Possible, but as Fast as Necessary: Optimising Performance in Real-time Distributed Computing”

About this lecture 

Professor Indrusiak’s lecture, “Not as Fast as Possible, but as Fast as Necessary: Optimising Performance in Real-time Distributed Computing”, will discuss how we make sure that computers and networks perform just fast enough – not too fast to waste energy and valuable resources, but not too slow to be unusable or unsafe. 

In this talk, Professor Indrusiak will introduce worst-case models for distributed computing and show how they can be used to fine-tune the performance and resource utilisation of many popular systems such as wireless networks, on-chip interconnects, and manufacturing equipment.  

He will also demonstrate the creation of worst-case models and the consequences of creating overly pessimistic or optimistic models, as well as how these can be used to help engineers optimise systems so they perform just well enough to fulfil requirements. 

About our speaker 

Leandro Soares Indrusiak is a Professor of Distributed Systems in the School of Computing and an Honorary Visiting Professor in the Computer Science department of University of York. His main research interests include real-time systems and networks, distributed embedded systems, evolutionary optimisation, on-chip multiprocessing, and several types of resource allocation problems (in computing, manufacturing and transportation).  

Professor Indrusiak has published more than 150 peer-reviewed papers in the main international conference proceedings and journals covering those topics, and has served as the principal investigator on projects funded by the EU, EPSRC, DFG, British Council, and industry partners. 

Book your place 

The lecture will take place in the Esther Simpson Building, University of Leeds, with arrival and registration from 3:45pm in the café, and the lecture commencing at 4pm in Lecture Theatre 1.01. This will be followed by a drinks reception in the café from 5pm.  

 If you have any enquiries or queries regarding this event,please contact the EPS, CPD, Conference and Events team via