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KdV 2 Soliton

Clare Dunning, University of Kent

KdV 2 Soliton

Dr Christian Korff, University of Glasgow. Part of the Algebra, Geometry and Integrable Systems Colloquium.

Computational medicine researcher

Get advice on how to bring to life your machine or deep learning project by leveraging a shareable, scalable and reproducible development environment.

Dr Wenqing Liu is a Reader and Head in Nano-Electronics at Royal Holloway University of London, United Kingdom. She is in Leeds to present a talk about her research.

Soft matter research at the University of Leeds

Professor Ernst A Rössler from the University of Bayreuth is coming to Leeds to talk about his research.

Equations written on a whiteboard, representing theoretical physics research

Professor Garegin Papoian (University of Maryland) will present his research in theoretical physics.

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