Kabantu: Multiscale

Join Kabantu - an award-winning music collective - to celebrate "Music as Culture" and the Bragg Centre research area “Multiscale Modeling”.

Kabantu is an award-winning world music collective based in Manchester, celebrating the space where different cultures meet. The musical philosophy of the ensemble is based on the South African concept of Ubuntu: “I am who I am because of who we all are”.

Curated by percussionist Delia Stevens, inspired by the University of Leeds School of Music theme Music as Culture and the Bragg Centre research area “Multiscale Modeling”;  Kabantu are joined by current BBC Folk Singer of the Year, Irish singer and flautist Rioghnach Connolly plus academics from the University of Leeds. Taking this scientific methodology as a creative impetus, Kabantu and Rioghnach will draw musical parallels to collaboratively write music based on conversation with academics, reimagining the conventional “systems” they use within musical traditions to find a new shared musical knowledge and perspective.

The concert will showcase Rioghnach and Kabantu in a solo set each, playing their own music plus a world premiere of their collaborative set inspired by multiscale modeling. The evening will culminate in an experimental new concert format which aims to reimagine the trad folk session or the jazz jam – which can often feel inaccessible to those not versed in these “standards” – as an open space free of genre and without a name. Involving the audience as musical equals, Kabantu will curate a “hotseat” jam where musicians rotate to allow an organic improvisation bridging the musicians from the stage and the musicians from the audience.

Please bring an instrument to the concert!

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