A thing of beauty: Where science and art combine

In two talks in one, Professor Ron Lifshitz and artist Dominic Hopkinson examine the fascinating ways that maths, nature and art come together to create beautiful forms.

Ron Lifshitz is a physics professor using mathematics and geometry to study the structure of matter. Dominic Hopkinson is a sculptor who uses mathematical concepts to create art. Both are constantly guided by the influence of geometry and symmetry in their work. In these lectures, we will hear from both and gain insight into fascinating ways in which maths, nature and art come together to create beautiful forms.

As part of the Inspired by Bragg series, this double lecture celebrates the life of Nobel prize winner Sir William Henry Bragg, and commemorates the launch of a new building at the University of Leeds that bears his name.

Lecture 1: What is a Crystal? New Answers to an Old Question.

Lecture 2: Divine Proportion - “Without mathematics, there is no art.” A sculptor’s interpretation of a mathematical concept.

Location: University of Leeds, Esther Simpson Building, Lecture Theatre 1.01

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