Leeds Institute for Fluid Dynamics Colloquia

Leeds Institute for Fluid Dynamics Colloquium featuring keynote speaker Professor Beth Wingate, Exeter 

Venue TBC


14.00-14.40 – University of Leeds invited speakers

14.00-14.20 – Robert Long “Rotating convection – unifying laboratory experiments and supercomputer simulations”

14.20-14.40 – Dr Sam Pegler, “Volcanic eruptions in the deep sea”

14.40-15.00 – Break

15.00-16.00 – Keynote, Prof Beth Wingate “On the way to the limit: oscillations in fluids and their role in the creation of low-frequency dynamics”

16.00- 16.30 – Networking

Professor Beth Wingate abstract:

In this talk, I will discuss nonlinear resonance and how it can create low frequency ‘structure’ in fluid dynamics. I will discuss the notion of resonance in the idealized context of simple ordinary differential equations where I will introduce the idea of using a coordinate transformation to derive a ‘modulation’ equation which reveals the inherent resonant structure of the solution. We will apply the same technique to the equations of motion in fluid dynamics and examine what can be understood from the fluid dynamics equations in the form of a modulation equation. Questions that I will address include:   Why might ‘low-frequency’ dynamics be important? How do ideas used in the subject of nonlinear resonances relate to time-scale separation in fluid dynamics? What is the implication of resonance for how we understand fluid dynamics? How can we tell if a PDE or ODE is exhibiting resonance?

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