Nuclear Power Plant Conference 2017 (NUPP)

The conference aims to bring together researchers, practitioners to address the structural analysis design, risk analysis and decommissioning technologies employed in the nuclear power plant.

This will involve advanced analysis both for strength and load model in order to establish safety level. Probabilities and risk analysis form the basis for the safety of Nuclear Power Plant, the analysis dictate the chances for the reactor in failing in incidents of natural or external incidents. Removal and closure of a plant is also pivotal to the face of Nuclear Energy, in giving confidence to the public. This conference presents the perfect opportunity for you, as it aims to provide an ideal platform for industry leading researchers, technology developers, industrial players and supply chain partners to converge.

Conference themes includes: 

  • Advanced Structural Analysis
  • Containment Design
  • Non - Containment Design
  • Thermal EffectsNon - Linear Analysis
  • Structural IntegrityLifetime Behaviour
  • Risk Analysis and Reliability
  • Probabilistic Seismic Hazard
  • Risk Management
  • Decommissioning Technology
  • Characterisation techniques in nuclear decommissioning
  • Remote handling and radioactive waste management
  • Radiation detection instrumentation and imaging
  • Robotics and autonomous systems in decommissioning
  • Regulations and Licensing

We are at the stage now where we are accepting abstracts for the conference and would like to know if you would have any interest in submitting a paper.

Please note, the deadline for abstracts is currently 6th of July 2016 (although this can be slightly extended).