North China Electric Power University (NCEPU) partnership

Our partnership with North China Electric Power University (NCEPU) provides an admissions pathway for students who completed years 1 and 2 of the NCEPU Bachelors programme to join the second year of the Leeds programmes listed below. Students have the option of graduating with a BEng after successfully completing two years at Leeds,  or an Integrated Masters (MEng, BEng) after successfully completing three years at Leeds. 

Years 1 and 2
2 Years for BEng or 3 Years for MEng, BEng *

Automation BEng
Measurement Control Technology
and Instumentation BEng 

Electronic and Electrical Engineering MEng, BEng
Electronic Engineering MEng
Electronics and Renewable Energy Systems MEng
Electronics and Computer Engineering MEng, BEng


* If you enrol on an Integrated Masters (MEng, BEng) programme you retain the flexibility to graduate with a BEng only, on successful completion of the two year study period. Please also note that there are academic requirements for progression from BEng to the MEng.

Entry requirements

For admission to Leeds you’ll need to have successfully completed Years 1 and 2 of NCEPU's four-year Bachelors programme with an average mark of 75% or higher. You will also need to obtain the standard programme entry requirements for English Language, i.e. IELTS 6.0 or equivalent.


Once you are enrolled on the Leeds programme you’ll receive a scholarship towards the international tuition fee.  This is provided as a partial fee waiver for each year of the programme at Leeds, subject to making satisfactory academic progress.

How to apply

Applications should be submitted via our on-line application form. Further information and guidance is available from the University of Leeds China team  and you are encouraged to make contact before applying. The team will guide you on how to apply and how to secure a place in University of Leeds accommodation