James Hartt

James Hartt

After graduating I visited Australia where I got a junior iOS role. I ended up meeting two farmers and a builder whohad an idea of making a few apps to help their productivity. By the end of 2010 I submitted and had my first app approved on the store and I haven't looked back since. I still had a great time in my year away, seeing as much of Australia as I could, moving in with a great group of people and making some friends I will have for life.

After coming back to the UK I joined a Brighton agency called Ocasta Studios, initially contracting, then permanent. The best decision I've made as of yet however, is starting up my own Limited Company. The freedom you get is almost indescribable, with no less risk than being a permanent employee. By contracting out at a day rate you side step office politics and the trap of falling into appeasing people, to make day to day life of a permanent job more bearable.

Since going on my own I've worked in London at Touchnote, a great little startup that sends printed postcards from your mobile. I've also worked at Red Ant, a fast paced agency working on a fantastic app for learner drivers (miDrive) where I have written my best code so far. Finally, at the Met Police, working on their Total Technology programme, a multi-million pound project to revamp the Mets IT, by focusing on giving each officer an iPad Mini with a plethora of apps to keep them on the beat and productive.

Without the iOS modules and taking my third year project in Apple technology I simply wouldn't be where I am today. Having the freedom at Uni is where my foundation was built and I've been able to expand pretty quickly thereafter.

All practical aspects of the coursewere the best aspects of the course for me. The iOS classes run by Dr Craig Evans were of particular importance to me now. Other fairly non practical aspects were the brilliant lectures given by the material science and terahertz team: Professor Linfield and Professor Giles Davies.My supervisor for my 3rd year project, Dr. Stephen Freear was very supportive, but I did bite off a little bit more than I could chew with my 3rd year project!

My advice to prospective students.

Learn to program, any language will do. Find something you are interested in and try to have an aspect of code in all of your projects, or just pick up some on the side. Make sure you learn as much programming design techniques and befriend the Computer Science people doing some of your modules.
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