BEng, MEng Mechatronics and Robotics student David Ngechu

David Ngechu

David completed his NCUK international foundation year (IFY) at Brookhouse, Kenya, before studying at University of Leeds. 

I had heard of Leeds’ reputation before I applied here. It had high requirements, but I wanted it as my first choice and I worked hard. I was well prepared by the IFY. I studied Maths, Further Maths, Physics, and RCS. RCS was great preparation; I got experience of the Harvard referencing system, learned how to structure essays and reports, and I feel prepared for doing research here at Leeds. The Brookhouse tutors are really skilled – they do a great job – and the IFY was a great social experience too. I’ve now got friends all over the UK, in Manchester, Keele, Liverpool, Sheffield, and Bradford.

The highlight of my course so far has been a small project where we made an electronic dice. The course is great as it’s hands on and we can actually do stuff – we got the opportunity to get involved right from the outset. There’s quite a lot of teaching time (23 hours per week) and I spend a lot of time in the lab.

The highlight of my time in the UK so far was the NCUK Awards Ceremony in Manchester. Due to my high IFY grades (three A*s), I won the ‘Best in Engineering’ award which was £1,000. It was really nice to see my efforts rewarded.

The facilities at Leeds are great and we have access to some great equipment. In the Mechanical Engineering lab, we have a 3D printer and oscilloscope. All the equipment is accessible and you can easily obtain really accurate results and data collection. In our projects so far, we’ve made an electric motor and I’m currently completing a group project where we have designed and made a buggy. Our design has been submitted and it’s a competition against other groups. I’m considering doing an internship over the summer and there’s already been lots of invitations to career and employability talks in my department.

I’d really recommend Leeds; the academic quality is high and the facilities are great. My favourite place on campus is LUU, as everything is available there. I’m a member of several societies (East African, Afro-Caribbean, Catholic) and they have hosted several cultural events like a tribal fashion show. It’s been good to make friends with similar interests.