Dr Craig Evans

I originally came to the School as an undergraduate in 2000 and loved it so much that I have never left! I graduated with an MEng in 2004 and continued on to do a PhD in Quantum Electronics. I was fascinated by lasers and how we take these things for granted in Blu-Ray players, optical fibre communications and even the humble laser pointer, which rely on the weird world of quantum mechanics to function. After completing my PhD and a Postdoctoral Research position, I decided to focus on the Teaching side of academia and pass on my passion and enthusiasm for electronic engineering to a new generation of undergraduate students.

My teaching now generally focuses on the areas of digital electronics and embedded systems. I find this such an exciting subject as it is so important to modern life - our smartphones are perfect examples of everyday embedded systems that we simply cannot live without. All the high-tech gadgets that we rely on simply would not exist if it were not for embedded systems engineers and their ability to interface hardware and software.

My modules tend to be project-based. Rather than relying on the more traditional lectures and exams, it is much more practical. What better way is there to learn about embedded systems than designing and building one yourself!? Project work can be quite tough when things are not working, but there is no better feeling than when something you have designed and built suddenly springs to life. It is also a great way for students to express their creativity and every year I am amazed by some of the projects that are produced. Project work is also a great way of gaining relevant practical skills that are demanded by employers and key to being an engineer.

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To find out more about my research activities, the students I am supervising and some of my recent publications, visit my staff page.

If you have any specific questions about the content of the programme, please contact me via e-mail: c.a.evans@leeds.ac.uk.

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