Subject pathways within the Natural Sciences degree (2024/25)


Maths student UG 2022 3

If you choose mathematics as one of your three subjects in year 1, you'll be given a solid foundation in the core concepts and techniques of University-level mathematics, which will pave the way for a deeper understanding of the world around us. 

You'll begin by exploring the theoretical concepts of number systems, unlocking the secrets of linear algebra and delving into the fascinating worlds of calculus and ordinary differential equations. These fundamental techniques will be essential as you continue your mathematical journey. 

If you choose to continue with mathematics through your programme, you'll take your skills to the next level by diving into year 2 applied mathematics. You'll deepen your understanding of differential equations and discover how calculus applies to vector-valued functions. With options like fluid mechanics, non-linear differential equations, numerical methods and more, you'll have the opportunity to construct mathematical models and manipulate their objects in order to derive results and predictions. 

As you progress further through your programme, you'll be able to access a range of options in applied mathematics, such as advanced fluid mechanics, statistical mechanics and mathematical biology. Our team of experts in the field will guide you along the way, providing depth of insight and breadth of understanding that will help you excel in your studies. 

With the knowledge and skills you’ll gain from mathematics, you'll be equipped to tackle some of the most challenging problems facing our world today. 

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