Prof Andy Sleigh

Prof Andy Sleigh


His area is in numerical simulation of Environmental problems. These are predominantly fluid flow problems: river hydraulics or indoor air-flow with transport of e.g. sediment, heat or infection.   


  • Faculty Student Success Academic Lead

Research interests

He works in three specific areas

  • The effective modelling of airborne and surface contact infection mechanisms
    This research area grew from the aerobiological research group, (formed in the School of Civil Engineering 2000), into a world-leading research group that is currently in world focus due to its work directly applicable to addressing COVID 19 transmission. Its outputs are informing world debate and opinion in the research and wider community. 
  • Wastewater infection modelling:
    I have developed quantitative microbial risk analyses (QMRA) techniques applied originally to enable the analysis and interpretation of wastewater reuse in agriculture simulations. The published methodologies have been adopted by WHO in their international guidelines for safe wastewater reuse assessment. Similar QMRA techniques are also being used in the more recent airborne infection studies.
  • River flow modelling for environmental impact
    I have worked in numerical simulation of environmental flows for many years. More recently the areas of interest include sediment transport and bed-form evolution over long time periods and during extreme flows. These techniques are becoming increasingly used in commercial practice and commercial simulation software. I developed the coding and methodology applied to flood modelling with specific methods for control of error in open channel flow simulations. 
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Student education

He teaches fluid mechanics/water engineering at all levels of Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses. He is also the Student Sucess Academic Lead for the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences

Research groups and institutes

  • Water, Public Health and Environmental Engineering
  • Cities, Infrastructure and Energy

Current postgraduate researchers

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