Leeds Clinical Nutrition course 2024 - Exhibitor terms and conditions

CPD, Conference & Event Unit – Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences

The Leeds course in Clinical Nutrition 2024

1              Definitions
In these terms and conditions, the expressions shall have the following meanings:
'Exhibitions' – The Leeds course in Clinical Nutrition 2024 – exhibition (Wed 4th and Thurs 5th September 2024). 'Exhibitor' - the person, business or company having a stand at the Exhibition or sponsoring the course
'Organiser' – CPD, Conference & Event Unit – Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences
'the University' - the University of Leeds (0113 343 2494/8104)

2.             Payment 
Full payment of £630 is required at the time of booking an exhibition stand.

3.             Cancellation by the University
Subject to the return of monies already paid in advance to the University, the University reserves the right to cancel any Exhibitor's booking at any time. The University shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by an Exhibitor resulting from such cancellations.

4.              Cancellation by the Exhibitor
Payment in full is required to book an exhibition stand. Unfortunately no refunds will be made for cancellations made by the exhibitor/company unless the cancellation is received within 7 days of booking the stand.

5.             Facilities and Information
The University shall use its endeavours to accommodate all reasonable wishes of the Exhibitor relating to the positioning of stands and materials.  The University reserves the right to alter the positioning of the stands at any time.
It shall be the responsibility of the Exhibitor to make known all requirements to the Organiser and the University shall at its discretion comply if practicable.
The Exhibitor shall only be entitled to exhibit publicity material, which promotes exclusively its own business.

6.             Liability
The Exhibitor shall comply with all legal requirements and accept responsibility for all claims arising in connection with the Exhibitor and the Exhibitor’s stand(s).  The Exhibitor shall indemnify the University in respect of all liabilities arising from the Exhibitor's acts or omissions.

7.             Insurance
The Exhibitor shall have general public liability insurance for the Exhibition, covering claims of a minimum value of £3 million.  If required by the University, the Exhibitor shall provide a copy of its present insurance policy.

8.             General
These conditions are the entire legal arrangements between the University and the Exhibitor and exclude anything else agreed in oral or written form.
No variation of these conditions shall be effective unless agreed in writing by the Organiser.
English law and the jurisdiction of the English courts shall apply to these conditions.
If one party waives the other party's obligations on a temporary basis under these conditions, it shall not prejudice the right of that party later to enforce that waiver.
The University withholds the right to cancel the Exhibition without further liability, if such cancellation is caused by an event, which could not have been reasonably foreseen by the University, e.g. industrial action, failure of utilities, intervention of authorities.