Process Intensification of Nuclear Effluent Treatments

Process intensification

This project is funded through the National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL), as part of their extensive Advanced Fuel Cycle Programme (AFCP) and includes a critical collaboration with Britiest ( who specialise technoeconomic assessment of process intensification systems.

Specifically, we will focus on using the principles of process intensification (PI), to develop an understanding of research and development (R&D) needs for the next generation of effluent and solvent treatment operations. Initially, we will undertake a detailed literature review into the current state-of-the art of PI technologies and evaluation methodologies for effluent treatments.

This project will also include a case study, where quantitative evaluation of key novel intensified reactors and separation systems are compared against current operational baselines. Finally an R&D Roadmap will be produced, to highlight the implementation pathways for critical technologies in next-generation treatment operations.