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A group shot of the student interns from the Summer Internship Scheme Celebrations 2023, stood in the Sir William Henry Bragg Building foyer.

Congratulations to all the students who took part in the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences Summer Internship Scheme this year.

Khadijah ibrahiim talking in a group discussion

A Leeds alum – one of Yorkshire’s most prolific and celebrated poets – has showcased a cultural vision for the future, following a collaborative initiative bringing together arts and engineering.

Dozens of attendees of the Leeds-Lyon Symposium 2023 on the Parkinson Building steps.

The 48th Leeds-Lyon Symposium on Tribology, organised by the Institute of Functional Surfaces, has been hailed as a major triumph, marking another milestone in the field of tribology.

A headshot of Dr Marlene Mengoni

An associate professor in the School of Mechanical Engineering has been awarded two leading fellowships, giving her the opportunity to deliver a double dose of groundbreaking medical research.

Ultrasonic sound of a ball bearing visualised in a 3D chart

It’s hip without the hop – a research manager from the University of Leeds has been creating music from an unlikely source.