C-Capture bags innovation prize at Yorkshire Post Excellence in Business Awards

C-Capture, a carbon capture technology company formed by the School of Chemistry, has won a prestigious Yorkshire Post Excellence in Business Award.

The company’s next generation technology, which captures carbon dioxide from flue gas emissions to mitigate climate change, won the ‘Innovation’ category during the ceremony at Headingley Stadium.

Founder of C-Capture Chris Rayner, Professor of Organic Chemistry at the University, said: “The award is very welcome recognition for the fantastic team at C-Capture. We have big plans for 2024 as our technology moves up in scale, and we further demonstrate its potential to decarbonise hard to abate sectors.

“We’ve come a long way in the last few years, and to win this award means a lot – especially because, as we all know, Yorkshire folk are among the most discerning judges of all!”

C-Capture’s proprietary solvent-based technology has a major impact on the carbon capture sector. It is based on fundamentally different chemistry to other commercially available solutions; most notably, the solution has a lower cost, is environmentally benign, and proves to be extremely robust.

The company believes it has the potential to overcome hurdles that currently prevent the widespread adoption of carbon capture and storage technology and believes it can make a globally significant contribution to tackling climate change.

Tom White, CEO of C-Capture, said: “This is fantastic recognition for our talented team, who are committed to developing our next generation technology to its maximum potential to accelerate the adoption of carbon capture in the fight against climate change.”

The Yorkshire Post Excellence in Business Awards celebrate the vital role that local companies play in the economic success of Yorkshire. The Innovation award recognises products, services, business models or initiatives that are doing something different, creating change or making a positive difference to clients, customers or staff.

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