Professor Gordon Love takes the lead at School of Computing

The Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences is delighted to welcome Professor Gordon Love as the new Head of the School of Computing.

Professor Love will prove to be a great asset to the Faculty and University in its journey towards greater interdisciplinarity in research and teaching, with his own research in optics, imaging and virtual reality, particularly in relation to the human eye, straddling both physics and computer science.

Originally from Leeds, Professor Love spent over 40 years at Durham University and held postdoctoral positions in India and the USA. After completing his PhD in optics and optical sciences, he became a lecturer, kicking off an academic career that saw him hold a selection of senior leadership roles, most recently as the inaugural Head of Durham's Department of Computer Science, which became independent in 2016.

Professor Love said: “I’m so pleased to be coming to Leeds and to have the opportunity to work with colleagues in Computing and the Faculty. Computer Science is such an exciting subject with so many opportunities, and I am enthusiastic about building links right across the University.”

Welcoming the appointment, Professor Nora de Leeuw, Executive Dean of Engineering and Physical Sciences, said: “I am very pleased that Gordon Love has accepted the position and I would like to warmly welcome him to the University and our Faculty.

“Gordon’s extensive leadership experience in higher education in the UK and his active and interdisciplinary research programme will be hugely valuable to the School of Computing, as well as the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences and University more generally. I look forward very much to working with Gordon in the future.”

Professor Love, who joined the University on 3 July, also took the opportunity to thank his predecessor, Professor Steve Scott, who stepped in to expertly guide the School of Computing as its interim Head over the last year.

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