Product Design Graduate showcases creation at the Venice Design Show

Nifemi Marcus-Bello, a product designer who studied at the University of Leeds has had one of his products showcased at the Venice Design show 2018.

Venice Design is the largest International exhibition where international designers invade the venue to express themselves and to propose a singular reflexion on materialising, shaping and transforming our daily environment.

Around 50 international creators from 30 different countries and of various cultural backgrounds are invited to present their processes and visions towards design. Through their social and ethical processes, some invited designers are raising a collective awareness leading to significant statements. While a few reflect upon innovative approaches towards shaping and re-thinking materiality, others will offer physical experiences; such as Nifemi’s ‘LM Stool’.

The two-legged ‘LM Stool’ is named after a dear friend of his and was created by bending, welding and laser cutting metal, and also comes in two colours. The rationale behind the LM stool was to create a multifunctional object whose form tests design limitations. When you think of a conventional chair or a stool the first thing that comes to mind is its four legs, Nifemi then asked himself the question of “How much material does one need to create stability?”. Through the reiteration of this idea, he was able to create a unique and bold form that gives the illusion of instability but is extremely stable and capable of withstanding large weight.

Jurgita Winder


Following visiting numerous open days, Nifemi chose to study at the University of Leeds based on the balance of engineering and design which is offered on the MDes, BSc Product Design course.

Reminiscing about his time studying at Leeds, he said:

“Studying at the University of Leeds was a fantastic experience. I felt lucky to have professors who were always willing to offer advice on projects and career goals. As a design student, I was able to work with engineering students of various backgrounds, which is something I now do daily and therefore consider invaluable exposure for any aspiring design professional. As an international student, I felt completely supported by the University’s International Student Office, as I received help with Visa applications and any questions I had, which is quite important when you’re far away from home!”

Further information

Find out more about MDes, BSc Product Design at the University of Leeds by visiting the course page.

For more information on the LM Stool and Nifemi’s other products, visit nmbelloStudio.

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