Success for Robotics at Leeds first conference

On Friday 21 September, Robotics at Leeds held their very first PGR Conference, which included guest speakers from universities such as Imperial College London and the University of Lincoln.

The event themes of the day covered artificial intelligence, robot manipulation, medical robotics, field robotics and general robotics. Academics from the Schools of Mechanical Engineering, Computing, Civil Engineering, Electronic and Electrical Engineering presented their research, emphasizing the multi-disciplinary approach to research at Leeds.

Robotics at Leeds are a researcher-led group who drive innovation in robotics and autonomous systems. They comprise of over 100 researchers across multiple disciplines with a shared interest in robotics and artificial intelligence. Leeds is an outstanding environment to advance robotics science and make a concrete impact on society thanks to the unique breadth of capabilities and resources available on campus.

Robotics at Leeds PGR Network Conference attendees


Giovanni Pittiglio, Vice President of the Robotics at Leeds PGR Network explained how the conference is beneficial to current research in robotics:   

“The aim of the very first Robotics at Leeds Conference was to bring together researchers from around the university, to enable them to connect through their research. It was also a great opportunity for PGR’s from the University of Leeds to discuss with external speakers and create new connections. This is, in my opinion, fundamental in research. It will be the first of many events in the future where researchers have the opportunity to network and exchange ideas.”

Speakers were invited to the conference from institutions such as the University of Oxford, Imperial College London, University of Lincoln and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Invited speaker, Marlene Pinzi from Imperial College London met fellow researchers from Robotics at Leeds at another conference, which led to her being invited to the very first Robotics at Leeds event:

“Conferences such as this are fantastic because researchers can gain knowledge from each other and network.”

Dr Mehmet Dogar


Dr Peter Culmer from the School of Mechanical Engineering at Leeds also commented on the success of the event:

“Our aim in Robotics at Leeds is to support a collaborative cross-campus community of researchers working on world-leading robotics. It’s vital that this happens across all levels, from undergraduate and post-graduate students through early-career researchers and beyond. The Robotics at Leeds PGR Conference is a brilliant example of this happening, entirely led by our PGR committee and bringing in an array of speakers from across Leeds and the UK. It was a perfect place to learn about new developments in robotics and discuss ways to work together in the future.”

The conference was a huge success with approximately 75 attendees from across the university. If you choose to study at the University of Leeds, you will join an incredibly positive and multi-disciplinary community. Take a look at our robotics courses here.

Further information

Robotics at Leeds industrial partners, researchers and students can access a suite of technologies for robot design and construction that is the most advanced in the world. The facility is backed by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) as part of the Government’s drive to improve Britain’s international competitiveness in robotics.

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