International Society Fellowship recognition for Professor Cath Noakes

In recognition of her contributions to indoor air research, Professor Cath Noakes has been conferred as a Fellow of the International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate.

Professor Noakes was accepted into the Academy of Fellows at a ceremony at the start of the 2018 International Indoor Air Conference, held in Philadelphia, on 22 July. The international scientific society, founded in 1992, publishes the Indoor Air Journal and supports research into the creation of healthy, comfortable and productive indoor environments. Cath is one of 12 new fellows conferred in 2018 from 6 countries worldwide.

Cath is a Leeds alumni, with a background in mechanical engineering and computational fluid dynamics which led to her interest in air distribution in indoor environments. As Professor of Environmental Engineering for Buildings since 2014, her research focuses on airborne transmission of infection in hospitals, ventilation design and modelling infection risk with different ventilation strategies. Professor Noakes says, “I am very pleased because this is a recognition by the indoor air community that my research, and that of my group, is significant and recognised internationally”.

She adds “As part of the Academy of Fellows I will have an input into the workings of the Society and the future direction of the research area at an international level. With this comes a responsibility for supporting the next generation of researchers, not just here in Leeds, but internationally. I am also delighted to see that two-thirds of the new fellows in 2018 are women”.

Further information

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