Paper by Professor Edmonds named a Google Scholar classic

A plenary lecture by David Edmonds (Emeritus and Visiting Professor, School of Chemical and Process Engineering) has been recorded in Google Scholar Metrics as a classic paper in Metallurgy.

Google Scholar’s classic papers are a collection of highly-cited papers that have stood the test of time in their area of research. For each area, the ten most-cited articles that were published ten years earlier are listed. 

Professor Edmonds’ paper received 320 citations within ten years of being published, placing it second in the Metallurgy list. Quenching and partitioning martensite—A novel steel heat treatment was first delivered at ICOMAT 05 (International Conference on Martensitic Transformations) in Shanghai in 2005, and published in the Journal of Materials Science and Engineering in 2006.

About Professor David Edmonds

Professor Edmonds joined the University of Leeds in 1993 as Professor of Metallurgy and Materials. His research at Leeds has mainly focused on microstructural characterisation and phase transformations in steels, employing advanced electron microscopy and X-ray and neutron diffraction techniques.

His teaching has been in the areas of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys; process metallurgy including melting and casting, mechanical working, machining and joining; deformation and fracture; materials selection; failure analysis; solid-state phase transformations.

He has authored or co-authored in excess of 250 publications and recently co-edited a two-volume 36 chapter book on Phase Transformations in Steels.

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