Engineering and computing at Leeds excel in Guardian university league tables 2018

The Faculty of Engineering has achieved exceptional results in the Guardian university league tables 2018, with engineering schools and computer science ranking in the top 10.

Electronic and Electrical, Civil, and Mechanical Engineering, and Computer Science at the University of Leeds have climbed from last year's excellent results, all reaching positions in the top 10.

Computer Science has moved up an impressive 12 places, rising from number 21 in the 2017 results to 9 in 2018. 

Electronic and Electrical Engineering has climbed seven places from the Guardian university rankings 2017, rising from position 10 to 3 for the 2018 results. Civil Engineering also ranks at position 3 in the Guardian university league tables 2018, moving up seven places from last year's results. 

Retaining its excellent reputation as one of the best engineering schools, Mechanical Engineering ranks 1 in the 2018 Guardian university league tables, moving up three places from last year's position as number 4.

The University of Leeds engineering subjects are ranked as follows for 2018:

  • Civil Engineering, 3 

  • Computer Science and Information Systems, 9

  • Electronic and Electrical Engineering, 3

  • Mechanical Engineering, 1

  • Chemical Engineering, 14

The University of Leeds has also moved up from last year, rising from position 16 in 2017 to 14 in 2018.

Further information

Published annually, the Guardian’s league tables rank universities according to a number of indicators including: spending per student,  the student-staff ratio,  graduate career prospects, and results from the annual National Student Survey (NSS), among others. 

For a full breakdown of the University of Leeds results by subject, visit the Guardian university league tables 2018.