Congratulations to our PhD students

Congratulations to the following students, who have been awarded a doctor of philosophy from the University of Leeds.

We wish them success in their future careers and thank them for the contribution they have made to the faculty and University.

Congratulations to:

Student: Babatunde Clement Arowosola
Supervisor: Dr Simon Antony    
Research Topic: Influence of particle-scale properties and gravitational field on flow properties of granular materials

Student: Davide Antonio Poggio
Supervisors: Professor William Gale, Dr Bill Nimmo, Professor Michael Fairweather, Mohamed Pourkashanian, Derek Ingham
Research Topic: Modification and experimental calibration of ADM1 for modelling the anaerobic digestion of solid wastes in demand driven applications

Student: Christopher James Smith
Supervisors: Dr Rolf Crook, P Forster
Research Topic: Computational methods for assessment of solar energy potential in present and future climates with distinction in MSc (Low Carbon Technologies )

Student: Alastair Greenman Clements
Supervisors: Professor William Gale, Professor Michael Fairweather, Mohamed Pourkashanian, Kevin Hughes, Derek Ingham 
Research Topic: Modelling mercury oxidation and radiative heat transfer in oxy-coal environments

Student: Samuel Odei Danso  
Supervisors: Dr Eric Atwell, Owen Johnson  
Research Topic: Text analytics to predict time and cause of death from verbal autopsies

Student: Evan Fakhoury
Supervisors: Dr Bruce Henson, Dr Peter Culmer   
Research Topic: Determining the contribution of visual and haptic cues during compliance discrimination in the context of minimally invasive surgery

Student: James Thomas Keeley
Supervisors: Dr Paul Dean, Professor Edmund Linfield    
Research Topic: Self-mixing in Terahertz quantum cascade lasers

Student: Doris Nekesa Khaemba
Supervisors: Professor Ardian Morina, Professor Anne Neville  
Research Topic: Raman spectroscopic studies of friction modifier Molybdenum DialkyldiThioCarbamate (MoDTC)

Student: Antonio Salituro
Supervisors: Dr Aidan Westwood, Professor Rik Drummond-Brydson, Dr Andrew Ross
Research Topic: CO2 capture through sorption onto activated carbons derived from biomass

Student: Gemma Ann Brady
Supervisors: Professor Nikil Kapur, Professor Paul Williams, Dr Jon Summers, Professor Harvey Thompson, Professor Jaafar Elmirghani 
Research Topic: Energy efficiency in data centres and the barriers to further improvements: An interdisciplinary investigation with distinction in MSc (Low Carbon Technologies)

Student: Amr Bekhit
Supervisors: Professor Abbas Dehghani-Sanij, Professor Robert Richardson  
Research Topic: Parallel platform-based robot for operation in active water pipes

Student: Myeji Chrysostom Materego
Supervisors: Dr Malcolm Lawes, Professor Derek Bradley 
Research Topic: Auto-ignition characterisation of synthetic fuels via rapid compression machine

Student: Richard David Mumby
Supervisors: Dr Malcolm Lawes, Professor Derek Bradley
Research Topic: Experimental characterisation of fuel blends

Student: Jayakrishnan Chandrappan
Supervisors: Professor Gin Jose, Professor Animesh Jha, Dr Paul Steenson 
Research Topic: Femtosecond laser plasma assisted rare-earth doping in silica for integrated optics

Student: Aryana Tavanai
Supervisors: Professor Anthony Cohn, Professor David Hogg
Research Topic: Tracking in the context of interaction