Civil Engineering welcomes infrastructure procurement and management specialist

Dr Giorgio Locatelli has joined the School of Civil Engineering as a Lecturer of infrastructure procurement and management.

Dr Locatelli brings with him experience in three key Research areas. Firstly “project Management in infrastructures/megaproject”, which focuses on cost estimation, risk management, stakeholders, governance and temporary organisations and modularisation. Secondly “Energy systems sustainability” which concentrates on energy infrastructure/energy economics, nuclear power plants & Small Modular Reactors (SMR) and energy storage and cogeneration. He started to work on the competiveness of SMR in 2006 with Westinghouse USA and focused on the project appraisal of IRIS reactor. Thirdly “system engineering management”, which focuses on infrastructures and complex systems.

Dr Locatelli also works as a consultant and visiting academic for several institutions. He is the author of more than 80 international publications, the majority of them focused on nuclear power, project management, energy economics and policy, energy storage, megaprojects. He is a frequently invited speaker with more than 30 speeches and presentations delivered at international level. He is also a chartered engineer and a fellow of the higher education academy.

Dr Locatelli came to the University of Leeds because of the exceptionally high quality of research and teaching in project management and energy. He aims to create a trans-disciplinary research group focused on Infrastructure planning and project management in the energy sector.