Congratulations to our PhD students

Congratulations to the following students, who have been awarded a doctor of philosophy from the University of Leeds.

We wish them success in their future careers and thank them for the contribution they have made to the faculty and University.

Congratulations to:

Student Supervisor Research Topic
Abdullah Alfaifi Dr Eric Atwell Building the Arabic Learner Corpus and a System for Arabic Error Annotation
Rita Edoga Dr A Hassanpour Investigation into the cleaning behaviour of nanofluids on crude oil contaminated soils at optimum conditions
Joe Lanigan Professor A Morina Tribochemical analysis of si-doped and non-doped diamond- like carbon for application within the internal combustion engine
Maryam Hafeez Professor JMH Elmirghani Game theoretic analysis of dynamic spectrum leasing in large scale wireless networks
Louise Russell Professor A Neville The design and development of an intelligent atraumatic laparoscopic grasper
Ahmed Lawey Professor JMH Elmirghani Energy efficiency of P2P and distributed clouds networks
Simin Karimian Professor Stephen Garrity A computational modelling strategy for historic masonry structures
Marina Sousani Dr Y Sheng Modelling of hydraulic fracturing in rocks: A multi-scale and fluid-solid coupling approach
Yong Hua Professor A Neville An experimental study of corrosion for long distance carbon transportation pipelines
Azael Cortes Capetillo Professor CJ Noakes Computational fluid dynamic modeling of in-duct UV air sterilisation systems
Hui Cao Dr X Jia Simulations of dissolution of structured particles
Afzan Adam Dr AJ Bulpitt Computer aided dysplasia grading for Barrett's oesophagus virtual slides
Elena Tajuelo Rodriguez Professor IG Richardson Relationship between composition, structure and morphology in C-S-H
Mark Whittaker Dr L Black The impact of slag composition on the microstructure of composite slag cements exposed to sulfate attack
Wei Li Professor KJ Roberts Drying of pharmaceutical powders using an agitated filter dryer
Meimei Song Professor P Purnell Reinforcement interfaces in low-carbon concretes
Boya Subhono Dr M Wilson Deploying nanotechnology for oil and gas flow assurance: Understanding the transport and penetration of nano-particles in porous media
Brindusa Mironov Dr AVK Westwood Nuclear graphite: Structural characterisation and effects of irradiation
Adam Johns Professor HM Thompson Computational fluid dynamic modelling and optimisation of internal twist-drill coolant channel flow
Lee Etchels Professor RK Wilcox Optimisation of fixation methods for Vancouver Type B2 and B3 periprosthetic femoral fracture treatment
Abdulmajeed Almaneea Dr JL Summers Thermal analysis of liquid immersed electronics for data centres
Mohammad Afkhami Dr A Hassanpour Particle dispersion, agglomeration and deposition in fully-coupled turbulent channel flow using large eddy simulation and discrete element method
Roman Kirsch Dr RB Hammond Kinetics and mechanism of urea aggregation
Kamran Vahdat Professor NJ Smith Seismic risk management
Thomas Robin Dr A Ross Refinery ready bio-petroleum via novel catalytic hydrothermal processing of microalgae
Gavin Ferguson Dr RJ Fowell Evolution of a design methodology for use in cave mines developed in challenging geomechanics environments
Justin Gallagher Professor MC Levesley Autonomous robot-assisted upper limb physiotherapy
Peter Baldwin Dr X Lai Catalytic asymmetric transformation of chiral amines by crystallisation with in-situ racemisation of conglomerates
Siti Yusop Professor KJ Roberts Characterisation of the morphological and surface properties of organic micro-crystalline particles
Nicolas Raske Dr RW Hewson A computational and experimental investigation of discrete cell gravure roll coating
Ali Momeni Professor BG Clarke Micro-mechanical study of sand fabric during earthquake
Femi Akinrinola Professor JM Jones Torrefaction and combustion properties of some Nigerian biomass
Karen Mitchell Dr OJ Cayre Microencapsulation for next generation lubricants
Gael Léauté Dr S Freear Finite element modelling of phospholipid-shelled microbubbles for therapeutic uses at low acoustic
Alechenu Aboje Professor M Fairweather Numerical and experimental study of methane and propane flames in relation to gas flaring
Ayad Abdalla Dr AA Dehghani Bilayer channel and free-surface thin film flow over topography
Jayne Windeatt P Forster Assessing the potential of biochar from crop residues to sequester CO2: Scenarios to 2100
Hannah James Professor WF Gale Overcoming barriers to microgeneration in new homes: Coevolutionary analysis and attitudes to different deployment models
Hung Vu Professor JP Forth Development of a novel sustainable masonry unit using laboratory and mathematical modelling
Paul Wilkinson Dr DP Steenson Development of 664GHz Sub-harmonic mixers
Yanping Du Professor Y Ding Cold energy storage: Fundamentals and applications
Ali Reza Taherkhani Professor HM Thompson Computational fluid dynamics based optimisation of emergency response vehicles
Feng Cheng Dr VAL Dupont Bio-compounds as reducing agents of reforming catalyst and their subsequent steam reforming performance
Zhengyang Ling Dr AA Burluka Flame propagation and autoignition in a high pressure optical engine
Wenlei Luo Professor M Pourkashanian Large eddy simulation of turbulent supersonic combustion and characteristics of supersonic flames
Adam Mitchell Professor J Kirkham The use of Raman spectroscopy for the live aseptic monitoring of stem cell differentiation
Toor-E-Aiman Rizvi Dr W Nimmo Fireside corrosion in oxy-fuel environments and the influence of fuel and ash characteristics on corrosion and deposition
Feng Wei Yang Professor PK Jimack Multigrid solution methods for nonlinear time-dependent systems
Thomas Oakley Lynch Professor QJ Fisher Geological storage of carbon dioxide in the UK: Opportunities and risks
Benissa Tolaieb Professor A Neville Barium sulphate surface deposition kinetics and inhibition in dynamic flow systems
Naief Alhazmi Mr K Moodley Improving asset management in the public sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Changdong Li Professor Y Ding Dissolution behaviours of structured particles
Wenjing Li Professor XZ Wang Optimization and design of reactive crystallization process
Michael Dawson Dr DJ Borman Computational models for the simulation and monitoring of developing crystalline deposits originating from dripping process liquors
Saleh Alzahrani Dr SJ Antony The influence of granulation methods and particle size on pharmaceutical granules flowability using ring shear tester and particle image velocimetry
Elvis Agbonghae Professor M Pourkashanian Modelling and optimization of coal-fired power plant generation systems with CO2 capture
Abdullah Alsebaei Dr C Velis Solid waste management and recycling during Hajj Pilgrimage in Mina
Abubakar El-Jummah Professor GE Andrews Impingement and impingement/effusion cooling of gas turbine components: Conjugate heat transfer predictions
Niemah Osman Professor JMH Elmirghani Energy efficiency in content delivery networks
Raymundo Ramirez Gutierrez Dr LX Zhang Transmission and detection techniques for MIMO systems
Oladipo Adewale Dr NJ Horan Enhancing methane production in the UK WWTP via co-digestion of microalgae and sewage sludge
Gregory de Boer Professor HM Thompson A two-scale approach to elastrohydrodynamic lubrication
Chinazo Unachukwu Dr LX Zhang Improved interference management techniques for multi-cell multi-user MIMO systems
Peter Wortmann Professor DJ Duke Profiling optimised Haskell: Causal analysis and implementation
Fernando Zapata Cornelio Professor RK Wilcox Characterisation and modelling of long bone fracture behaviour
Clara Huéscar Medina Dr HN Phylaktou Explosion safety of biomass and torrefied biomass powders
Neepa Paul Dr RB Hammond Characterisation of highly active nuclear waste simulants
Keeran Brabazon Professor PK Jimack Multigrid methods for nonlinear second order partial differential operators