Senior Engineer joins forces with the School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering

The School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering has started a partnership with Senior Engineer Roger Stancliff, who is Chief Technology Officer for Agilent Technologies.

Roger will visit the University twice a year to work closely with students in the school. The aim of the collaboration is to implement strategic advice in the application of high frequency electronics (Microwaves and Terahertz) for healthcare applications

After receiving his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering in 1972 and his Masters in Electrical Engineering  in 1973, Mr Stancliff joined Hewlett Packard (HP) as an R&D engineer to design microwave components for instrumentation. Since then he has held various roles within the company including numerous managerial positions, which crossed over to HP's spin-off company, Agilent Technologies. It was here that he concentrated his efforts in the areas of microwave signal generators, spectrum analysers and network analysers.

Impressively, he has been instrumental and very much led the development of the 8562 spectrum analyser, the first Agilent Lightwave products, the ESG signal generator and the PNA network analyser, amongst other products. In 2002, he progressed to Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the component test division. As CTO, he manages the development of the scanning microwave microscope and is currently focused on many different applications of microwave measurement, outside of electronics.

Ian Robertson, Head of School for Electronic and Electrical Engineering, said, ‘We are delighted to have formalised Roger's collaboration with the school. He is an exceptionally experienced senior engineer and he is playing an important role in helping us develop our research and teaching in high frequency electronics and bionanotechnology for healthcare applications".

We look forward to seeing how this partnership develops in the months to come.